Frequently Asked Question

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions that we have got in the past during our meetings with clients. We hope this answers most of the basic questions you might have related to website development.
What hosting/server should I choose?

A. We recommend buying from one of the 3 hosting providers - Godaddy, Bigrock or Hostgator.Our personal favorite is Bigrock as it offers the right balance of quality and cost.

I have a cheaper quote than yours.What do you offer differently?

A. Money should not be the sole criteria in deciding whom to outsource your work to.Some of the points to consider should be what all features does one offer,are there any hidden costs,does one give you total control once the project is launched,how transparent are they in their working.

We have had clients who were initially hesitant to hire us looking at the price,however after some market searching decided to go with us considering our transparent process and value for money.

Why should I choose you over others?

A. Unlike our competitors, we follow a streamlined process when working on a project. The process followed is a result of years of experience gained working in the same field.

We also maintain utmost transparency and involve you in every step of the design and development process thus ensuring smooth completion of the project.

Our rates are competitive providing value for money.

I do not have any technical background. How can you help?

A. We ensure all your technical questions are answered by us before or during the course of development. If there are certain technical things you do not understand, we help you make an informed decision by providing appropriate explanations or recommendations whenever required.

What process do you follow in building the website?

A. We divide the entire website into phases. We start by providing you with website designs to choose from. Once the design is approved, we move onto the next phase of building the functionality in the approved design.The entire website is built on our development server. Once the site is ready and after your approval,the site is uploaded on your server.

What are your payment terms?

A. Typically, we follow a 50-50 rule for small projects.50% in advance and 50% on completion.For larger projects we follow a 40-30-30 rule.

How can I contact you?

The simplest way to contact us is to use this Contact Form. Else you can email or call us at the contact details given on Contact page.